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Recruitment is the lifeblood of Kappa Sigma. Rush, or recruitment, is a number one priority for our fraternity. Rush normally occurs the beginning of each semester, sometimes with mid-semester rush initiatives centered around the Winter break. The four pillars of Kappa Sigma, the ones by which each Active Undergraduate and Alumnus strives to live their lives by, are Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, Service. To hear more about Kappa Sigma, please feel free to contact a brother on the Brothers page, read the FAQs or visit links below!

What is Rush?
The term "RUSH" is often used as a more appealing substitute to the term "New Member Recruitment." It is important to remember that without new members a fraternity chapter will ultimately fail and dissolve, thus rendering new members the "lifeblood of every fraternity." This is the sole reason why "Rush Week" is so important to each chapter on campus. Chapters that fare better in the future years are most often those chapters that initiate large numbers of quality men during the course of "Rush Week."

"Rush Week" refers to the primary membership recruitment drive that each fraternity participates in over the same week-long period, usually following "IFC Rush." (Interfraternity Rush - all chapters at once) During Rush Week fraternities generally set up a calendar of events designed to attract students interested in what fraternity life has to offer. Prospective members have the chance to get to know as many fraternities as desired over the week, and towards the end of the week they may or may not get a "bid" from each fraternity. Rush Week usually occurs early during the fall and spring semesters.

A "bid" is the general term to describe a formal invitation to pledge a fraternity. At the end of our Rush Week, for example, prospective members are given bids and if they accept membership, they are pledged into the fraternity.

What is Pledging?
A "Pledge" or "New Member" is defined as any student who has entered into membership within a fraternity or sorority prior to initiation. Each fraternity's pledge process, or "New Member Education Program" varies a great deal, but most are designed to teach the fraternity's values, history, and traditions to the new members so that when the time comes they will be ready to become initiated brothers.

Kappa Sigma has a specifically designed quarterly schedule where a "Brotherhood Development Coordinator" will teach our pledges through the Brotherhood Development Program.  Our BDP consists of week-to-week events and exercises that revolve around the history and values of Kappa Sigma and the Greek System as a whole. Every member can attest that while they were pledges, they had some of the greatest times of their college careers.

Purpose Statement

We, the Brothers of the Lambda-Nu Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at Appalachian State University, are here to make better men and to grow as a brotherhood. We pride ourselves on developing better men, stronger leaders, and engaged citizens for the betterment of Appalachian State and society.

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